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Puzzle Pieces

There are two main reasons I decided to learn software development, both which are deeply rooted in my everyday life.

I currently work at a publishing as a data analyst. Through my current role I have been exposed to, but barely scratched the service of software development. I have learned how to inspect the page for issues with the sites that I work with, I set up tracking specs with our development team to feed into Google Analytics, and I have used extremely basic syntax expressions to help expedite my work. Although I am thrilled my job has exposed me to the world of software development, I have faced a lot of setbacks and frustrations. There have been countless times where the all male development team at my company has diminished the importance of my work and this has impacted my ability to do my job effectively. For this reason, I wanted to learn software development to prove to myself that I am capable and do not need to rely on others to get the job done.